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  Strengthen the Body With Yoga and Pilates Near Me

Many people treat yoga and Pilates as two completely separate exercises. While they are two different types of exercises, they actually have many of the same benefits. Additionally, many of the movements of each complement the other, giving you a more effective workout. The following are some of the ways you can build up your body strength by doing both yoga and Pilates:

Improve Circulation and Digestion

The breathing, tension relief, and fluid movements of both exercises help to improve blood circulation, which in turn improves the digestive system.

Boost Energy

Both yoga and Pilates benefit the nervous system through the increased blood circulation, the focusing of the breath, and more. This positive impact on the nervous system increases concentration and energy levels.

Engage the Core

Yoga and Pilates movements are excellent core workouts- the abs, hips, lower back, and buttocks area. A strong core helps the body have a better posture naturally and helps improve balance.

Increase Flexibility

Through the movements and stretching, these two exercises improve flexibility as well as the range of motion. Even better, this flexibility comes while toning the body instead of having to work out and stretch separately.

Relieve Stress and Muscle Tension

A lot of focused breathing, mindfulness, stretching of sore spots, and body awareness goes into both forms of exercise. Through this, a person can obtain a great deal of stress relief and relieve tense muscles.

Separately, yoga and Pilates provide many benefits. Together, those benefits multiply. Yoga can support your Pilates practice and Pilates can support your yoga practice if you choose to complete them separately.

The two are also often mixed into one powerhouse workout for those who want the maximum benefits in one exercise session. No matter how you choose to practice, here at Wild Fit, we have a workout for you. You can also search for “yoga classes near me” or “yoga and Pilates near me” for local options if you are not in our vicinity.

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