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  Is An Outdoor Group Workout Right for Me?

Working out is a personal thing for most people. The idea of working out with others is not always fun, especially for people who are not necessarily comfortable with their own abilities.

However, working out alone may be depriving you of several benefits that a group workout, especially an outdoor group workout, provides. Consider the following benefits of group workouts:


Studies have shown that those who exercise with a partner or group tend to workout in longer sessions and workout consistently. This alone is a great benefit of an outdoor group workout.

Pure Peer Motivation

When working out with others, a sense of competition builds- usually healthy competition. Whether people want to be better than others or just refuse to be the weakest link, working out in a group makes them push themselves much harder than they do when they go it alone.

Support and Encouragement

When your heart feels like it’s pounding out of your chest and your lungs are burning, it can be so easy to give up- especially if you are working out alone. Outdoor group workouts or bootcamp style workouts mean you are surrounded by others who will encourage you to keep pushing. Many times, a little cheering on is all we need.

Proper Form

One great thing about any fitness class is the instructor. Not only do they add structure to your workout, helping you to make the most of your workout, but they also correct any mistakes in your form to help prevent injury. In groups, you can watch as instructors correct others and learn from those corrections.

Outdoor group fitness boot camps are a great option for those looking for the motivation and encouragement to finally meet their fitness goals. They provide a trainer to instruct you and push you to limits you don't even know you have and partners to encourage you when you think you cannot make it.

Get ready to change your life! Contact our team at Wild Fit to get started.

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