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We offer a wonderful selection of outdoor group fitness sessions that are suitable for all fitness levels. Being outside is one of the best parts of what we offer and while sometimes we like to complain about the rain or the wind, being outside offers such a unique and special environment with its own health benefits so it always feels good to be outside. Plus if the weather is wet or stormy we have an awesome undercover protected area that we use - so no excuses! ;)

outdoor workout near me

outdoor workout near me

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A well rounded fitness regime should include a variety of different sessions to allow your body to function at its best. We offer everything from strength, to cardiovascular fitness, power and flexibility, and we add nature and community to it too!



Strength and resistance training increase the body’s metabolism, growth hormones, overall strength and bone density. Using full body functional movements that include body weight, weight bearing and resistance bands exercises, we train your body and its supporting structure to be strong and toned.



We offer a combination of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and endurance sessions that increase your cardiovascular fitness, metabolism and calorie burn. We have a beautiful oval and running tracks to use for endurance sessions and we also incorporate body weight and weight bearing exercises to get the most of out of your cardiorespiratory fitness.

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There’s no need to have to choose between strength and cardio when you can experience the benefits of both in one awesome full body functional session. These sessions offer all your body needs to be fit and strong and to get your metabolism burning at its best.

outdoor workout near me



Your core supports and stabilises your whole body so focusing on increasing strength in your core is going to benefit your posture, balance and body’s overall function. One of the best ways to train and strengthen your core is with the use of a fitball and that is what we use for all of our Wild Core sessions which are a full body workout with a strong focus on your core. 

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Stretch and recovery sessions focus on gently increasing strength while enhancing flexibility in a safe and low impact way. You’ll get the opportunity to lengthen and soothe your weary muscles, increase flexibility and support your body in recovery, and then you get to finish it all off with some 'zen' time to really give your body and soul a beautiful reset. 



Nicky has been a dance instructor for thirty years and I think we can all agree that life is better with exercise and music, and especially when you combine the two! So Nicky will be instructing some fun booty shaking dance fit sessions which are an awesome full body cardio workout, that will leave you feeling hot but happy. 


If you're looking for a place to get fit, enjoy doing it, and be motivated and inspired to live a healthy life then give us a call, because that's what we do! 

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