Participating in a challenge is such a fun and easy way to commit yourself to beginning a healthier lifestyle. The challenge we've created incorporates all the tools you need to make a positive change to your body and you'll be supported all the way through. If you know you need to make healthy changes and want to do it right, join our Biggest Winner Challenge and discover what you're capable of!

Body Scans

See what's happening inside your body with our Body Analysis Scans. You'll get a scan before and after the challenge to see the changes you've made to your muscle, fat, water and more! We use the scans to decide the winner.

Team Up

We find that putting people into teams helps to motivate them more than going about it by themselves, plus it keeps them accountable and is just way more fun! This time we're having two teams competing against one another - who will win?!

Habit Tracker

It's through the adoption of good habits that we can affect long lasting health changes. Each week you'll practice a new healthy habit that you can continue on even after the challenge to stay healthy. Health doesn't stop after 8 weeks!

Support Group

Stay motivated, supported and informed with our Support Group. We have a private Facebook group which will support you in your struggles, successes and keep you motivated every single day with daily posts, meal suggestions, advice and more!

Meal Ideas

Get good, easy and healthy meal suggestions and advice including meal ideas and recipes via our private Facebook group. We'll teach you how to put together a plate of delicious healthy food that will nourish you, and help you win the challenge! ;)


We strongly suggest that you train a minimum of five days per week to get awesome results in eight weeks. Train at Wild Fit with an Unlimited membership if you can, and if you can't we'll also offer additional exercise suggestions and challenges along the way.

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